REVIEW: Coffee & Kareem

Rated: TV-MA
Run Time: 88 minutes
Director: Michael Dowse

Alright everyone, if you need a good chuckle and have an hour-and-a-half to take your mind off of your current stresses, then Coffee & Kareem will satisfy those needs. I found myself laughing at a line of Ed Helms’ character within the first five minutes, so that had me excited for the comedy to unfold. I was definitely drawn to the movie for Ed Helms. I am a huge fan of The Office and love his character, Andy Bernard. I was also interested to see how they would comment on police brutality and race—which I’d say the film did an okay job of addressing.

Coffee & Kareem was directed by Michael Dowse, who has directed a couple of other comedies, such as Stuber and Take Me Home Tonight. Coffee & Kareem takes place around a cop named Officer Coffee (Ed Helms) and a young tween named Kareem (Terrence Little Gardenhigh). Coffee is a goofball character: he definitely gave off an “If Andy Bernard was a cop instead of working at Dunder Mifflin” vibe. His silly almost-innocent persona was my favorite part of the movie. The movie was littered with crass and over-the-top humor, but the parts that had me laughing the most were the super silly and cheesy jokes. 

The film also had some physical comedic moments that definitely had me laughing. Helms and Gardenhigh had great chemistry and played the buddy-cop trope together in an entertaining way. While the movie had me laughing, it also had me shaking my head at some of the commentary and absolutely ridiculous events. But hey, I was not expecting every event in this comedy to drive the story forwards with finesse and care, so it is almost what I expected with a modern comedy.

Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Little Gardenhigh and Ed Helms appear in a scene of Coffee & Kareem | NETFLIX

Overall, Coffee & Kareem made me laughing throughout its entirety, which is what I look for in a comedy. It also had a fun supporting cast; Taraji P Henson as Kareem’s mother, and Betty Gilpin (from Netflix’s Glow) as a detective, were especially enjoyable to watch. Taraji P. Henson is a versatile actress and really delivers in comedies, like this one and What Men Want. A fun little detail I enjoyed as well was David Alan Grier playing Captain Hill; you might recall him as the cop Bentley in Jumanji! Again, if you’re looking for a little distraction and don’t mind some ludicrous events for the sake of a good chuckle, give this movie a watch!

Coffee & Kareem is available streaming on Netflix.

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