About Backseat Directors

About Backseat Directors

Backseat Directors (BD) was established by André Hutchens in March of 2017, and began as a movie review and recommendation podcast. BD has since grown to encompass all forms of movie review and discussion mediums. Podcasting will always be our roots, but those roots cannot be contained, and have grown into something much bigger. From the most talented group of writers and movie reviewers, to The Backseat Directors Mega Movie Show!, we are dedicated to bringing you the most informative, detailed, and reliable movie content.  You won’t ever see “click-bait” material from us.  We feel it a special privilege to do what we do, and take great pride in the content we provide. We don’t rate movies…we recommend them! The movie theater is our sanctuary, and movies our life blood.  Let’s go to the movies!

Friends of Backseat Directors

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Here at Life of Films we truly believe that movies should not be judged on anything but the creative difference it makes to the world.

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Salt is a seasoning, my friend. A little can make things taste better. Too much can kill you. Stay salty!

Screen Addicts

What do you get when you combine 20 years of friendship and a love for Movies and TV? Well you get The Screen Addicts: Jerimie, Steven and Chris.

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